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21 December 2014
21 December 2014
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December 31, 1969, 04:00:00 pm

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EVEMon 1.3.4

After going through several rounds of testing I am pleased to be able to release EVEMon 1.3.4.

ZIP File

NOTE: there may be a wait of up to 1 hour for the above links to be mirrored onto the CDN

== Breaking Changes ==

 * EVEMon now runs under .NET Framework version 4.0
 * Grouping selection in item browser may need reselection.

== Contributors for this version ==

 * Jimi
 * Richard Slater
 * Robert Winkler
 * Tonto Auri
 * Optica
 * Vehlin

== New Features ==

 * EVEMon will now search multiple instances of EVE folders for portraits.
 * Refactored Planner Window Status Bar.
 * Updated EVEMon to the changes made to database ID's (see CCP's blog for Tyrannis 1.2 API changes)
 * Added support for Test API server.
 * EVEMon will now show which character you are to delete in Account manager. Also "Downtime" indicator is now in sync with EVE. 
 * EVEMon now has a Research Points monitor.
 * Removal of the learning skills.
 * Updated EVEMon to download portraits from CCP's Image server.
 * EVEMon will now query the API server from a secure connection.
 * Character portrait updating now supports all image files.
 * All API calls can now be done via API proxy services.

== Bugfixes ==

 * Possibly fixed the "account not in training" issue.
 * Resolved EVEMon crashing when a character in accounts is not a CCP character.
 * EVEMon will no longer try and recenter a window.
 * Fixes EVEMon crashing in certificate manager.
 * Fix for hidden exception when dragging to end of plan.
 * Fixes EVEMon crashing on multiselect of ship types.
 * Fulfilled market orders will no longer appear as Expired.
 * Fixes a visual bug (paint bar positioning not updating for more than one skill level in queue) in characters skill queue.
 * Fixes a bug when trying to add an increased skill level, via priorities window, from skill browser to plan, it doesn't get added.
 * Fixes EVEMon crashing when an unknown skill is in skill queue.
 * Permafix the "account not in training" issue.
 * Fixes the BP browser filtering logic. Resets the info part of a browser when filtering changes. Adds help label in skill and certificate browser.
 * Fixes a visual bug in skill browser when selecting the Tyccon skill. Also disables the multi-selection from account manager.
 * Fixes some issues in browsers when combining various filtering and sorting.
 * EVEMon will now notify on fulfilled market orders.
 * EVEMon will no longer crash when the EFT Loadout text box is edited. Resolved faulty "Add to plan" logic.
 * Portraits downloaded image size is now 128px to avoid pixelation.

Please report any issues you find with the Release in this thread.