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21 December 2014
21 December 2014
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December 31, 1969, 04:00:00 pm

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EVEMon 1.8.3

EVEMon Dev Team is announcing the release of EVEMon 1.8.3.

Please report any problems in the related thread in Bug Reports forum.

1.8.3 Installer
1.8.3 Binaries

== Contributors for this version ==
 * Jimi
 * SyndicateAexeron
 * Quantix Blackstar
 * Travis Puderbaugh
 * Kunnis Niam
== Bug Fixes ==

 * Fixed possible crash bug when EVEMon loads the Certificates data file.
 * Fixed Character After Plan Export.
 * Fixed a bug where the Naglfar, Talwar, Corax, Algos and Dragoon race were set as "Faction".
 * Fixed date and time parsing in Scheduler when using custom date and time formatting.
== Enhancements ==

 * EVEMon now supports any date time format.

== Misc ==

 *  Blueprint copies will no longer be included in assets total estimated value.
 * Several improvements have been done to the base code to make EVEMon a better application.